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More than a decade ago, our original and core business of supplying vegetables and fruits began on a small-scale farm which functioned more in the nature of a hobby and pastime. Due to our insistence on quality and uncompromising service form the very inception, the enterprise has grown rapidly and diversified into a significant production, trading and service industry.

The Group is now a large scale purveyor of vegetables, fruit, seafood, fresh and processed meats, dry provisions. A motor vehicle unit established in 2010 imports cars and SUV s from Japan.

The Granada Group of Companies' satisfied Customers now include five-star hotels in Colombo, resort hotels in the south-west coastal region of the Island, leading restaurants, reputable caterers in Sri Lanka. Our natural excursion into exports expanded our customer base to include some of the more popular resort hotels in the Maldives.

Granada is known far and wide for reliability and highly respected for integrity. A sound financial base and a highly skilled human resources factor have enabled the Group to grow and diversify extensively through principle-centered industry practices.

All our holders, Customers, Employees and Shareholders, are the beneficiaries of our achievements and enjoy a fair share of our successes.

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